Saginaw Valley Chapter

2016-2017 Year Events:


6:30 PM - Social Hour
7:00 PM - Dinner
8:00 PM - Business Meeting & Program 

  • Thursday, October 06, 2016October FlyerOctober Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "Acra Cast Inc, Investment Casting Process, Design and Application’ s"
    Speaker: Richard Singer. President Acra Cast
    Technical Chairman:  Paul Greskowiak 
  • Thursday, November 03, 2016November FlyerNovember Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "America’s Most Iconic Engine–History of the GM Small Block V-8 "
    Speaker: Jordan Lee, GM Global Chief Engineer
    Technical Chairman: Dan Wilson
  • Thursday, December 01, 2016December FlyerDecember Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "Christmas Social"
    Technical Chairman: Paul Greskowiak
  • Thursday, January 05, 2017January FlyerJanuary Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "What’s Hot, What’s Not: Highlights from the Global Auto Show Circuit. "
    Speaker: Adam Bernard, GM Associate Director Competitor Intelligence
    Technical Chairman: Paul Greskowiak
  • Thursday, February 02, 2017 February FlyerFebruary Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "A Materials Scientist in an Autonomous World"
    Speaker: Paul Krejewski, GM Director Vehicle Systems Research Lab
    Technical Chairman: Peggy Jones
  • Thursday, March 02, 2017March FlyerMarch Photos
    Zehnder's - Frankenmuth (map)
    "An Intoduction to the World of Craft Beer"
    Speaker: Kevin Peil, Tri City Brewing Company
    Technical Chairman: Paul Greskowiak

  • Saturday, March 04, 2017 Dance Flyer
    Sullivan's Black Forest, Frankenmuth(map)
    "Dinner Dance Scholarship Fundraiser" 
    Technical Chairman: Colleen Greskowiak

  • Saturday, June 03, 2017Golf FlyerGolf Photos
    Kimberly Oaks Golf Course, St. Charles (map)
    "67th Annual Golf Outing"
    Technical Chairman: D.J. Couture