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To help bring the metal casting experience to young people, the American Foundry Society (AFS) Saginaw Valley Chapter (SVC) presents an educational, hands-on activity called “Foundry in a Box.”  This unique experience was created to get the next generation of engineers and technicians excited about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and this one associated career - called castings.

A Foundry in a Box is just what it sounds like, a portable foundry.  Just take a box on wheels and add hot pots, tin nuggets, small patterns and molds, and many small items like gloves, safety glasses, brushes, pliers, snips, drills, runners, and a pail of sand.  You can play in the sand (molding) or the metal (finishing) with hands on training provided. The goal of this experience is to teach youth what a foundry and metal melting is all about by taking the Foundry in a Box on the road. 

This experience begins with an explanation of the many types of metal castings and the process steps.  Kids select their casting to make and pack the mold with sand.  The molten tin is then poured in the mold and after it is cooled, the casting is extracted from the sand.  The excess metal is trimmed and the kids get to take home what they made.  The AFS SVC has conducted this activity with many students, including STEM events at local universities, elementary and middle school presentations, and large Boy and Girl Scout events. 

Check out our 5 year summary of FIB events. THANKS to all the volunteers - we are working on bringing in the next generation of Foundry Men and Women!


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